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Christine's Place

12/9/21 JoCo HeartSafe's AED Give Away program donated a used AED that was outfitted with new supplies paid by WomenHeart of Overland Park to Christine's Place. I like attending these presentations to meet new people, and learn more about their organization. Today was no exception. Stephanie Wiley and Lee Gibson from Relentless Pursuit Outreach & Recovery or RPOR shared a bit of their story and passion. "RPOR is a community-centered, faith-based organization dedicated to eradicating human trafficking. As an organization, Relentless Pursuit strives to heal and restore survivors, bring justice to offenders, educate others on prevention and awareness, and be leaders in the community in order to end the exploitation of human beings." Christine's Place is operated by RPOR. It is a day time drop-in center for prostituted women where they receive a safe place to rest, eat, acquire personal items such as winter clothing, access to medical care and other social service programs. I was not familiar with either of these organizations until yesterday; however, I want you to know about RPOR too. Please click on their link to learn more about how they and others care for the marginalized in Kansas City. On a side note, in the group photo from yesterday Lee Gibson is wearing a hoodie with an E3 Ranch & Company logo on it. I asked Lee about it, which lead to a brief discussion about his involvement with E3 Ranch in the care of 3 Afghanistan refugee families that fled Afghanistan as the US ended occupation this fall. E3 is also a supporter of RPOR and Christine's Place. Check out E3 Ranch website and foundation. It is owned by former MLB player Adam LaRoche.

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