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Why is this important?  An AED is the 3rd link in helping a person survive SCA.  A victim's best chance of restoring a heartbeat is to use an AED ASAP.  A quick shock early in this emergency is vital to help this person survive. 

JoCo Fact: In 2020, 10% of cardiac arrests occurred at a business, street, and place of recreation compared to 67% occurring in a residential home.  AEDs in JoCo are stored indoors and only accessible when the facility is open for business; however, most cardiac arrests occur at home.  Simply moving an existing AED to an exterior wall allows this lifesaving device the best chance to be used in an emergency.  There are no neighborhoods in JoCo that have an AED except for a random homeowner who owns their own for a family member at high risk for cardiac arrest. 

Envision neighbors creating a plan to purchase and install an outdoor AED cabinet outside a garage, side of the house, or in any location accessible to a nearby neighbor who may need help.  Basicly one per block. Homeowners Association (HOA) placing them at mailbox clusters or outside the community building. An apartment complex locating one in a central area or on different floor levels.  It may sound strange, but other communities are starting to do to this too.   

Watch a video from SaveStation to better understand how this new way of thinking about responding to SCA in your neighborhood might look.  Look around their website especially how neighbors can crowdfund the purchase of a SaveStation and AED.  

Go to Ironwood Park at 147Th & Mission Rd at the amphitheater to see an outdoor SaveStation attached to an exterior wall for anyone to use if needed.  

SaveStation is a company based in Toronto, Canada that specializes in AED cabinets.  They produce an outdoor AED cabinet that has many features such as climate control, AED functioning monitoring, and alerting 911 when the AED is removed from the cabinet.  

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