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Individual - Learn CPR


Find a Hands-Only CPR class or attend an event in your area.  


Check out our Classes & Events Calendar for a location near you.  Classes are located throughout Johnson County and an online form makes it easy to enroll.  You can also attend a CPR event in your area to learn this life-saving technique!  


Any age can learn, although we suggest middle-school age and above.  


Do you need to be certified in CPR?   Find a CPR Certification Class. 


We need YOU!

Learn at home!


Consider a Family & Friends® Anytime Kit. There are two kits to choose from:


  • Family & Friends for Adult & Child

  • Infant

Each kit is available in light or brown skin and features English and Spanish instructions. Kits can be used over and over, and passed along to other family and friends so they can learn this life-saving skill!


Find more information and an

order form HERE!

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