Hands-Only CPR

Your local 911 services are responding to increasing calls from patients with suspected or positively diagnosed coronavirus, in addition to 911 calls for patients with injuries and illness, including cardiac arrests and strokes.  Click on American Heart Association to learn accurate, up-to-date information about people's concerns about CPR.

In summary:

If you witness or find a person in cardiac arrest

Call 911


Inform the 911 operator if you suspect COVID19

Start Hands-Only CPR (no breaths) and use an AED if available


Nearly 1000 people die every day from sudden cardiac arrest.

This #HeartMonth learn CPR and download the @PulsePoint app

and help save a life.

HeartSafe is a community organization.

If you know of someone who helped performed CPR or used an AED please let us know. 

We want to learn more about their experience. 

If you want information about HeartSafe or to volunteer

We want your help.  

if you are a Partner Organizations please submit your quarterly CPR class totals.

We want to them to our 2020 county CPR totals.

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April celebration is cancelled for 2020 due to concerns about Covid-19

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