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Johnson County
AED Give Away Program
Johnson County HeartSafe's AED Give Away program allows organizations to receive a free used AED unit to help respond to a person in need of CPR. 

here for the AED Give Away application form.
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HeartSafe donated an AED today to the staff of War Horse for Veterans. A fantastic organization aimed at helping veterans and 911 responders support each other by understanding the mental health challenges of these occupations. Learn more about their programs at (Left to right) WHFV Bret Cortright, HS Stacy Jones, HS Joe Stellwagon, WHFV Jacob Greenlief

BLearn CPR In Action

Free Johnson County HeartSafe CPR and AED training

teaching Hands Only CPR and AED. 

Use the contact form at the bottom of this page for more information.

Search for Johnson County, KS to see active fire/EMS 911 calls. 

HeartSafe is a community organization.

Do you want information about HeartSafe's Free hands Only CPR training, AED Give AWay program or to volunteer? 

We want your help.

Do you know someone who performed CPR or used an AED on someone in cardiac arrest?

We want to learn more about their experience. 

if you are a Partner Organizations please submit your quarterly CPR class totals.

We want to ADD them to our 2021 county CPR totals.

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