"Sudden Cardiac Arrest is not just a job for emergency responders but rather a community-based issue that requires a community-based response." - International Association of Fire Chiefs.  "In no other medical situation is there such a vital reliance on the community"

Johnson County is a PulsePoint community meaning you can be a citizen responder to cardiac arrest events occurring near you by downloading this free phone app. 


Here are 2 hypothetical situations to consider why a PulsePoint community helps improve survival from cardiac arrest. 

Scenario #1. You are shopping downtown Overland Park at the farmers market when you hear sirens approaching and see the fire truck and ambulance stop near a parking lot.  You walk up to see what is happening and find the responders performing CPR on an adult victim. 


Scenario #2. Now envision that you have PulsePoint Respond downloaded on your phone and your phone alerts you that CPR is needed along with an address/location and location of nearest AED.  Your heart beats fast as you quickly respond to the location and find a person performing CPR in the parking lot while talking to the 911 dispatcher over speakerphone.  You tell this person that you know Hands-Only CPR and take over chest compressions.  Another PulsePoint responder arrives too and carrying an AED stored near the clock tower.  As a team, you all work together to help this person.  Soon you hear and see police officers arriving followed by the fire truck and ambulance.  



Scenario #2 depicts a Johnson County PulsePoint community that exists today, not in a dream.  You can make a difference in someone's life by starting early CPR and using an AED if available. Please consider downloading the PulsePoint Respond phone application today to be that citizen responder in our community.  


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2020 AED Recepients

Chapel Oak SDA Church

American Fire Sprinkler Company

Shawnee Church of the Nazarene

Stilwell United Methodist Church

Janssen Stables, De Soto, KS

HeartSafe is a community organization.

If you know of someone who helped performed CPR or used an AED please let us know.

We want to learn more about their experience. 

If you want information about HeartSafe or to volunteer 

We want your help.


if you are a Partner Organizations please submit your quarterly CPR class totals.

We want to them to our 2020 county CPR totals.

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