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Every second counts in cardiac arrest.

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July AED Donations

Janssen Stables, De Soto, KS

Stilwell United Methodist Church

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Heartsafe is looking for cardiac arrest survivors or family members of cardiac arrest victims of all ages to join your team.  We need your help promoting CPR and AED by people that have been directly impacted by cardiac arrest or cardiovascular disease. 

Your involvement is essential.  If you are reading this message consider sharing this offer to help us. 

Please contact us for additional information by submitting the contact form at the bottom of this page.  

Heartsafe is looking for a volunteer neighborhood to learn more about installing a 24hr public access AED cabinet. Your community has a lot of public access AEDs located inside schools and business but very few were you live-your neighborhood. Did you know that most cardiac arrests occur at home not in a public area?  Do you own your own AED or is there one in your neighborhood? Please continue reading to learn how you can help.

Heartsafe is looking for a homeowner, neighborhood association, apartment complex, etc to learn more about installing an outdoor, weatherproof AED cabinet that is available anytime it is needed. 

Imagine your neighborhood or apartment complex installing an AED or AEDs in different locations AND informed neighbors also installing Pulsepoint on their phones. 

When a cardiac arrest occurs in your home you will call 911.  A 911 dispatcher will provide CPR instructions to you over the phone and also dispatch a police car, fire truck and ambulance to your home. Plus Pulsepoint will alert nearby neighbors at their homes of the need to help you with CPR, your location, and the location of the nearest AED. Hopefully, an AED is on your block or nearby. (psst. It can be). 

The faster an AED is used the better the chance of survival.  That's it.  Pretty simple and doesn't cost much either.  

We are looking for someone to take on this concept of community responder.  Please consider it.  

These cabinets come in a variety of sizes and costs and use a standard electrical outlet for power.  In fact, Heartsafe will donate the AED.  Please watch the video to see this concept in action and imagine how you can use it too.  Please contact us for additional information by submitting the contact form at the bottom of this page.  

HeartSafe is a community organization.

If you know of someone who helped performed CPR or used an AED please let us know.

We want to learn more about their experience. 

If you want information about HeartSafe or to volunteer 

We want your help.


if you are a Partner Organizations please submit your quarterly CPR class totals.

We want to them to our 2020 county CPR totals.

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