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Newest AED Placement

AED presentation Brad Robbins to Ashley Dwight_edited.jpg

Most Sudden Cardiac Arrest events occur in private homes, but most homes do not own an AED.  Leawood's Steeplechase homeowners association or HOA is the first HOA in Johnson County to place an AED within their neighborhood.  Steeplechase is going to serve as a community role model by demonstrating the idea of neighborly love. A neighborhood CPR/AED training event will be held with support by Leawood fire and police department. If interested in learning more about how your neighborhood can add an AED too please contact 13 Beats at Facebook 13 Beats Saving Lives One Heart at a Time. 

The AED was presented by Heartsafe Secretary/AED Committee Chair Brad Robbins to Ashley Dwight for the Steeplechase HOA. The AED was originally donated to Heartsafe by the City of Leawood and it will be finding its way back to a Leawood neighborhood. 9/14/23

HeartSafe is a community organization.

Do you want information about HeartSafe's Free hands Only CPR training, AED Give AWay program or to volunteer? 

We want your help.

Do you know someone who performed CPR or used an AED on someone in cardiac arrest?

We want to learn more about their experience. 

if you are a Partner Organizations please submit your quarterly CPR class totals.

We want to ADD them to our 2021 county CPR totals.

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